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LM- Berks County, PA
I asked for specific placement. Along with Grab Bar Pros knowledge, the bars in my parent's home really make a difference. The work was a great value to their safety. Plus he installed them quickly and cleaned up really well afterward..he even took the packaging with him!

MY-Lehigh County, PA
The placement of the bars was an excellent choice and the workmanship on installing on the tile surface was very good.

SB-Northampton County, PA
We have a fiberglass shower that no one else would install a grab bar in. Grab Bar Pros found a way to install it to the studs and we couldn't be happier!

FC-Warren County, NJ
"I love them. They make a huge difference!"

MP-Northampton County, PA
They are very helpful and I hold onto them when I take a shower.
MP's son said "professional job - impressed with the workmanship".

BS-  Warren County, NJ
Bruce showed up on time. After giving me his suggestions, he installed 2 bars very securely into my shower. He cleaned up afterward. He even changed a light bulb and took my trash out for me. I would suggest Grab Bar Pros to anyone thinking about safety in the home.

GK- Northampton, PA
When Grab Bar Pros showed up, I thought he would just look over the job and then do it another day. I was happy he could do it that day because now I don't have to wait around for ANOTHER appointment like with many companies. He put in FOUR grab bars for mom, and one was into brick!

Small Grab Bar Installation in Bathroom

Diagonal Grab Bar

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Silver Grab Bar Installation bathroom  

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