Giving Mom Safe Access to the Patio with Handrails

lehigh valley handail outdoorhandrailThis customer has owned her home for many years. Fortunately, she has caring children who live in the area and called me to correct an issue.

Her issue is a classic problem that is also found at many homes. Beneath the extended entrance/ exit is one step and a total of 18” of elevation or rise (the vertical) from one level to another level. In this case it is a step from a patio into a sunroom.

With the guidance of the adult children, I designed the platform, allowing mom a much safer passage from her home to her beloved patio, where she can enjoy flowers, neighbors, beverages and meals. The job was done quickly and just in time for the arrival of beautiful weather. How can one put a price on that?

Being A Long Distance Caregiver and Keeping Parents Safe

Recent studies show that more than 25% of baby boomers are considered long-distance caregivers for their parents. These situations can be challenging, and while older adults may need grab bars there are many other considerations for long distance caregivers. In many cases, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Below are tips for keeping your loved ones safe:

Contact their friends, neighbors and acquaintances

image3Your aging parent probably has friends and neighbors with whom they are in contact on a regular basis. If you not know them, introduce yourself and share contact information. This way you can call and check in with them, and conversely they can call you should they notice any changes in your parent’s behavior or routine.

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Where Do I Put Grab Bars in the Bathroom?

install grab bar showerIf you have an aging parent who is failing in health or mobility, it is important to install grab bars around the home. One of the first places to start is in the bathroom.

The three key areas inside the bathroom to install grab bars are: