Where in the Bathroom Do I Put Grab Bars?

If you have an aging parent who is failing in health or mobility, it is important to install grab bars around the home. The first place to start is the bathroom.

The three key areas inside the bathroom to install grab bars are:

  • Around the toilet
  • Inside the shower / bathtub
  • Outside the shower / bathtub

All grab bars must pass two important tests:

Will it hold me?
Can I grab it easily?

Don’t buy or install a grab bar unless it holds up to 250 lbs. Be sure to install it to stable material.

The grab bar should have a diameter of 1.25 inches to 1.5 inches with a textured surface. This makes it easier to grip. The amount of space you leave between the grab bar and the wall is also important. That space will be 1½ inches for most people and grab bars are manufactured to these specifications. You should be able to fit your fist to fit between the grab bar and the wall. Don’t make the space too large, though. You don’t want your arm to become wedged between the wall and the bar.

The reason that a grab bar should be installed around the toilet and shower areas is that these areas are where most people frequent and find themselves most compromised. Lifting a leg into a shower / bathtub, maneuvering in a slippery shower or moving around a toilet with pants constricting leg movements can put a user in compromising positions.

There are many options for grab bars especially around the toilet. Grab Bar Pros can help you select the ideal locations and best products and options for you to suit both your physical needs and your budget. Grab Bar Pros has the experience to install grab bars into any substrate, either ceramic, fiberglass or other materials to give you the stability you need.

For a safe, reliable, and quick installation, call Bruce at Grab Bar Pros to schedule your project at 610-393-6395.

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