Home Grab Bar and Hand Rail Installation

Grab Bar Pros offers practical, cost-effective safety solutions for bathrooms, entrances and stairwells based on your specific needs and falls risks. We offer choices in color, styles, and finishes – Grab Bar Pros has installed hundreds. Rest assured that safety is within your reach, both physically and financially. 

Grab Bar Pros will assist you in determining the best place for your needs. We can provide a Home Safety Evaluation by a licensed occupational therapist (OT) or physical therapist (PT) to address multiple safety concerns related to changes in mobility, vision, hearing and memory (extra fee). We are based in the Lehigh Valley but we serve New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia and beyond.

  • Serving the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia and beyond.

  • Insured, qualified & affordable

  • Grab bar choices in color, styles, finish and price range

  • We accept check or cash payment (5% saving for cash)

How the Grab Bar Installation Process Works

1. Those interested in grab bar installation can call or text Bruce at 
610-393-6395. He can also be emailed at bruce@grabbarpros.com. If you are interested in grab bars, simply share your concerns with him. Generally, he can quote a price range based on this information. He will also request your finish choice on the grab bars – chrome, brushed nickel or white. (All bars are stainless steel, 1.25” diameter, and have a slip resistant texture). These grab bars are stocked – others are available with custom order.

Handrails (interior or exterior) are custom made. He may be able to quote an estimate. Many times sending pictures of the area to Bruce via email or text can expedite the process. 

2. Based on the information provided, Bruce will be able to provide you with a price quote range for the installation of the grab bars and possibly for other work like handrails as well.

3. An appointment is then scheduled and Bruce will meet the decision maker(s) at the site, go over the placements of the grab bars and install them that day…. One visit, and you are on your way to increased safety!

Installation of grab bars typically takes only 1 – 2 hours including clean up and having the area ready for immediate use. Handrail installation will take longer but it is usually done in less than one day (depends on size of job). Bruce can also coordinate a home assessment to identify other trouble areas in the home and recommend solutions for the resident’s safety.

 Why Grab Bars?

Falls within the home are a leading cause of injury and loss of independence for the elderly and individuals with chronic diseases or physical disabilities. Those 65 and above are also candidates

Grab bars and other affordable safety measures are economical steps to help maintain or maximize your independence, keeping you at home longer and safer.

Both occupational and physical therapists agree that if you use a cane or walker the use of grab bars is recommended. Even if you are not using assistance to walk, still consider grab bars.

 Why Grab Bar Pros?

Grab bar installation is a low priority for contractors and plumbers. For Grab Bar Pros, your safety is our priority. We offer prompt service using current ADA (American Disabilities Act) guidelines.

We offer practical, cost-effective safety solutions for bathrooms, stairs, and home entrances based on your specific needs and fall risks.

Safety Risks in the Home

Poor support choices may cause a fall, which can result in a loss of your independence, permanent pain, the neccessity for a cane or walker, medication changes or life in a nursing home.

Commonly Used Household Items that are Unsafe Substitutions for Grab Bars:

  • Towel bars – they can pull out of the wall or break. They are not made for weight.
  • Door knobs – they can turn on you and are attached to a swinging door.
  • Door frames / window sills – they are inappropriate for a secure grasp.

Make Your Home Safer in the Stairways, Hallways and Pathways

  • Have tightly fastened handrails on the both sides of the stairs. Hold the handrails when you use the stairs, going up or down.
  • Install extra lighting in any area that is dim or dark. Wall mounted, battery operated lights are readily available and inexpensive.
  • Remove clutter….no expense and highly recommended by nurses and therapists.
  • Consider a pendant/wristband that calls 911 from anywhere in your home.

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